Recruitment & Training


  • Our HR & Personnel Department ensures the selection of best & most reliable security personnel. They are put through stringent vetting procedures. After selection they undergo Professional Training at our Central Training Institute followed by OJT (On Job Training) specific to assignment.

Qualitative Requirements

  • Minimum 12th Standard education level.
  • Height 5'8" minimum.Police Verification.
  • Languages - Hindi, English & Telugu.
  • Height weight ration & medical examination.
  • Physical Endurance Test.

Training Programme Includes

  • Induction,Basic Training & Refresher Courses for Security Personnel to be deployed at various assignments.
  • Customized training for specific assignments I.e. Corporate, Hotels, Hospitals,Educational Institutes, Retail Outlets, Offices etc.
  • Basic Training on Physical Security Policy, Telephonic Etiquettes, Patrolling,Protection of Premises & Alarm Systems, Searching, Arrests, Basic Laws related to thefts & other punishable Offences, Interrogations, Fire Fighting, First Aid, Traffic Control & Vehicles Parking, Bomb Threats,Evacuation Drills during emergencies such as Fire & Disasters, Basics of Disaster Management, Accident Prevention etc.
  • Training of Armed Guards, Unarmed Combat basics & Report Writings.